Who can order transcript copies?


By Debi Boblitt

Often times we receive calls from clients wishing to purchase copies of transcripts from cases that are related to one that they're currently representing a party in. While we'd love to sell the transcript(s) to them, we have to follow the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure and who they allow us to sell transcripts to.

Rule 1.310(g) of the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure reads: "A party or witness who does not have a copy of the deposition may obtain it from the officer taking the deposition unless the court order otherwise. If the deposition is obtained from a person other than the officer, the reasonable cost of reproducing the copies must be paid to the person by the requesting party or witness."

Basically, that Rule states that we may sell the transcript to a party (and their counsel) and/or the deponent or witness. If an attorney that is not counsel of record wishes to purchase a transcript, we will require written authorization from all attorneys or parties in the action before we may release it. If that is not possible, then a court order will be required.

We don't require that to be difficult, rather to protect the parties privacy and to follow the Rules.