To video or not to video


By Debi Boblitt

I'm sure you've noticed that when setting depositions with our office, our staff always asks if you'd like to add video to that. Wonder why we do that? Well, it's not just because it's a service that we offer, but we, sincerely, want you to have the best results from your deposition as possible.

When you're deposing an expert witness, why pay them twice for the same testimony? You pay them for their deposition, and then you pay them again at trial. That's kind of silly! Pay them once, and let us video that testimony.

If you've got a client that has an upcoming CME, series of injections or surgery, again, allow us to video it for you. We can also do day-in-the-life videos. When you're in front of the jury, they'll not only hear about what your client went through, they'll see it! Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words, but a video may be worth a million dollars!!!

If you're a criminal defense attorney, keep in mind that any minor that is deposed must be videoed. In Pasco County, our offices are directly across the street from the State Attorney's Office in the Courthouse and we have very large conference rooms to accommodate.

We can also video will or prenuptial agreement signing.

Call us today to set your next video deposition, CME, injection, surgery, will or prenuptial agreement signing.